John Tyler’s Descendents

John Tyler was born two months before the French Revolution. In 1841 he became the tenth president of the United States and the first to succeed a president who died in office (William Henry Harrison). Tyler died in 1862 during the early stages of the American Civil War, the same year that Lewis Carroll told a strange tale to Alice Liddell and the year the Gustav Klimt, Claude Debussy and Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man, were born.

Two of his grandsons, Lyon Gardiner Tyler Jr. and Harrison Ruffin Tyler are still alive

Tyler holds the record for the most children sired by a US president. His first child, Mary Tyler was born in 1815; his fifteenth and last, Pearl Tyler in 1857 when he was 67 years old. The births of his 44 grandchildren spanned 91 years.

He was 65 when his son Lyon Gardiner Tyler was born. Lyon Tyler had six children and was well into his seventies when Lyon Jr. and Harrison were born. A cousin of theirs died fighting for the Confederacy during the Civil War.

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2 Responses to John Tyler’s Descendents

  1. suede5402 says:

    This was really interesting. One question though, I didn’t quite get the last paragraph – were you just trying to show the time span? I don’t do math out of both habit and conviction, so please excuse the silly question.

    • Rhys says:

      The last paragraph was an explanation of how a man born in 1790 could have living grandsons. John Tyler was getting on when Lyon Gardiner was born and Lyon was even older when his sons were born. The cousin who died in the Civil War was one of John Tyler’s earliest grandchildren.

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